Why Manulife

  • No.1 MPF service provider in Hong Kong 1
  • No.1 Customer Satisfaction Insurance Brand2 in Hong Kong for 3 consecutive years
  • No.1 Brand Advocacy for Hong Kong Insurance Sector3 for 3 consecutive years
  • 124 years in Hong Kong offering a comprehensive product range: individual, group life and health plans, MPF, mutual funds and wealth management solutions
  • A leading Canada-based financial services group,
    publicly listed on the Toronto, New York, Philippine and Hong Kong stock exchanges

1 Based on market share in terms of assets under management by scheme sponsor.
Source: Mercer MPF Market Shares Report as at December 31, 2020.

2 YouGov Brand Tracking (Jan 1, 2018 - Dec 31, 2020).

3 YouGov BrandIndex 2018-2020 Brand Advocacy Rankings.

Manulife Investment Overview

Global investment is what we do to create sustainable value for you

Canada's first Prime Minister, Sir John A. MacDonald, was the company's first President

for Customers

  • Total Retirement Solution
    First to introduce a total MPF solution in Hong Kong serving both your pre- and post-retirement needs.
  • Virtual Face-to-Face Agency Sales Platform
    Your Manulife agent is only a click away. Meet on a secure video chat and purchase life insurance, savings, retirement plans and critical illness or other medical protection.
  • ICU Benefit
    Launched an intensive care unit (ICU) benefit that protects customers against uncertainties arising from future unknown diseases and injuries.
  • Special Coverage for Vaccination
    Free protection against vaccination side effects for all new and existing eligible customers in Hong Kong and Macau.
2020 was a resounding success thanks to our resilient business, focus on our customers, and highly productive and professional agency force despite the year-long challenge we faced. We stayed on course and advanced our ambitious plans to drive our growth agenda. As always, we remain committed to our customers, delivering innovative health and retirement solutions to help make people’s every day better.
Damien Green

Chief Executive Officer, Manulife Hong Kong and Macau

Performance Overview

Core earnings
Record high
Assets under management and administration
Record high
Annualized Premium Equivalent (APE) sales
No. of customers
2.3M +
*Around 1 in 3 people in HK are our customers
No. of agents
Record high
Financial figures are for FY2020, and the number of customers and agents are both as at December 31, 2020.
*Calculated based on the provisional Hong Kong population figure of 7.5M as at end of 2020 posted by the Census and Statistics Department of HKSAR.

Claims Figures

Payments to CustomersFor insurance, the claims procedure is the moment of truth highlighting the value of protection.
Manulife paid out approximately HK$3.3 billion under individual insurance claims in 2020.
Hospital Claims
Total amount paid
Critical Illness Claims
Total amount paid
Accident Claims
Total amount paid
Death Claims
Total amount paid

Business Highlights

  • Introduced a total retirement solution serving both your pre- and post-retirement needs. It was well received by market with assets under management reaching HK$658.9 million as at end of 2020
    (Since launch on Sep 21, 2020; Source: Manulife Global Select (MPF) Scheme Quarterly Fund Fact Sheet as at Dec 31, 2020.)
  • A strategic alliance with Allianz Global Investors – Manulife’s No. 1 position1 in the MPF market is further solidified, allowing us to pull far away from the rest
  • ManuGrand Saver 2 and ManuImperial Saver 2 – Build and grow your wealth
  • Click to see our awards!
    New savings plans La Vie 2 and ManuCentury – Regular income stream to support your needs at different life stages; also lets you pass on the wealth to the next generations
  • ManuLeisure Deferred Annuity – Provides you with a stable stream of retirement income and tax benefits
  • ManulifeMOVE – Make a move toward better health and get premium discounts; inspiring your every step with MOVE at Home and MOVE Health Score
  • ClaimSimple – Find a doctor, use your medical card and submit claims digitally – all in one go
  • BuySimple – One-stop online platform for Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (VHIS) purchases and to open MPF accounts
  • Manage your funds with ease on our all-new mobile-friendly fund management platform
  • Simplified things for both MPF employer and employee customers with e-Enrolment, and also for employee customers with Employee Choice Arrangement online transfer on our BuySimple platform
  • Go Paperless Education Aid Program
    Manulife donated 400 iPads* via St. James’ Settlement to children in need as part of the campaign that promotes MPF e-Statement and e-Advice adoption
    *iPad is a registered trademark of Apple. Inc. registered in the U.S. and other countries
  • Hygiene Supplies Donation
    The first insurer in Hong Kong to donate hygiene supplies – 23,000 masks and 3,000 hand sanitizers – to help vulnerable groups combat COVID-19 as it broke out
  • Virtual community support and volunteering

    Sponsored and volunteered in expert-guided online exercises, and virtual storytelling and art workshops, for the wellbeing of under-privileged children amid COVID-19

Professional Training

Powerful Tools and Resources

  • Virtual F2F
    Unrivalled convenience and security made possible with Virtual Face-to-face Agency Sales Platform. More than 95% of insurance products (except ILAS) can be bought via this platform.
  • Electronic point-of-sales tool ("ePOS")
    Combines electronic proposals and applications, allowing financial advisors to provide customers with customized and forward-thinking solutions anytime, anywhere.
Customer Stories
Agent: Li Ying Chuen, David
Anticipating customers’ needs
David’s customer, Matthew, runs his own business and intended to only purchase a pure life protection plan. However, David understands emergency cash is especially important for business owners, as adequate cash flow is critical for day-to-day operations. He suggested taking a savings plan as it might accumulate cash value for the customer in the long run. During the global financial crisis, Matthew’s business suffered from a temporary liquidity shortage and was on the brink of collapse.
Emergency cash saves one’s life
David protected Matthew from bankruptcy. Matthew was grateful and also touched by David’s professional analysis and timely support during his crisis. If David were an advisor who just followed the customer's instruction without genuine care for the customer, he might have solely advised on the amount of life coverage requested. However, David put himself in Matthew’s shoes and drew on his extensive product knowledge and 28 years of experience to give his customer the best possible solution.
Agent: Koo Kwong Tak, Samuel
Helping customers make life-changing decisions
Samuel empathizes with customers planning for retirement because he recognizes they have a lot to consider and are conscious of their budgets. Betsy, Samuel’s customer, was retiring and requested to surrender her critical illness policies. Samuel understood Betsy and patiently explained the consequences of the decision, noting as people age, the body is not as strong and the chance of acquiring major illnesses is higher. Drawing on 29 years of experience, Samuel recommended that Betsy address the risks to prevent it from derailing her lifestyle and to sustain her financial security.
Complex financial planning knowledge made easy
Not long afterwards, Betsy was diagnosed with cancer and the claims from the insurance she kept safeguarded her assets from the significant medical costs. Betsy unfortunately passed away. When Samuel met Betsy’s family to deliver the claim cheque, the family thanked him for his advice. They realized how great the additional financial burden would have been if Betsy had surrendered the critical illness policy. Samuel was grateful that his advice and perseverance protected Betsy and her beloved family.
Agent: Wang Yu Huan, Agassi
Everything starts with trust
Agassi’s customer, Mr. Chan, had a tumor in his intestine that he initially ignored and told only his wife. Fortunately, Agassi has always been their trusted advisor and was told about the situation. Agassi, well aware of the potential consequences of an unattended tumor, made Mr. Chan’s health and wellbeing priorities. She knew she must take action and tirelessly visited Mr. and Mrs. Chan, addressing Mr. Chan’s concerns with facts and references to ensure he was well informed. Mr. Chan finally agreed to undergo an operation.
A role model inspiring 200 professionals
Agassi’s determination and passion contributed to her being the first woman to hold the position of Senior Regional Director at Manulife Hong Kong. Her team of 200 professional advisors admire her as a role model. Over the course of her 26-year career in insurance of which 10 are with Manulife, she has been an outstanding leader and an icon in the industry. She believes helping people brings about change and growth. To this end, she leverages her network and influence to improve industry standards and contributes to the betterment of society.
Agent: Ho Chun Ling
Visiting every hospitalized customer
It is Ling’s mandate to visit every customer who is hospitalized even with over 1,000 customers. It is not just a visit to show care and support. She understands the vulnerability and insecurity her customers may feel, and knows how preoccupied they are to know how and what to ask the doctors. Drawing on her 30 years of experience, she helps customers ask the right questions and understand the options available. Nothing is too detailed for Ling when it comes to supporting her customers.
Anticipating customers’ needs
There’s a difference between an insurance advisor whose only aim is sales and commission, and one who truly cares about their customers. Distinguished insurance advisors build their success by prioritizing their customers’ best interests. By empathizing with her customers and holistically taking care of their needs, even those they are unaware of, she helps customers improve their wellbeing. Ling regards each policy as a lifetime commitment, and each cheque as a sincere blessing and comfort from people to their loved ones.

Professional Advisors

  • High Agency Growth

    Number of agents doubled over the past decade to over 10,000 in 2020
  • High Performance

    Agency channel ranked No.1 in the market by new business sales (APE) yoy growth rate (full year 2020)
    Source: Calculation based on statistics (Long Term Business 2020) published by the Insurance Authority.

Company Awards

Branding and Services
  • Outstanding Integrated Marketing Strategies Award
  • Gold in Best Use of Integrated Media
  • Gold in Best Use of Programmatic
  • Gold in Best Use of SEO
  • Bronze in Best Use of Content
  • Best Programmatic Campaign – Outstanding
  • Best Audience Builder (Asia) – Outstanding
  • Bronze in Integrated Digital Campaign
  • Gold in Best Launch/Rebranding
  • Silver in Best PR Campaign: Finance and Insurance
  • Bronze in Best Integrated Communications
  • Gold in Hong Kong Insurance Company Category for 17 consecutive years
  • Gold in Provident Fund category for 9 straight years
Insurance / MPF
  • Top three for "Outstanding MPF/Employees’ Benefit Product/Service"
  • 5 Excellence Awards (Savings Plan, Medical Care, High Net Worth Product, Integrated Marketing and MPF/Employee’s Benefit Service )
  • Best MPF Scheme Provider
  • Best Critical Illness Protection
  • Best QDAP
  • Best Health Protection
  • Best Innovative Product
  • Best Investment-Linked Life Insurance Product
  • Outstanding MPF/Employees’ Benefit Products/Service Award
  • Most Innovative Service Award
  • Outstanding Deferred Annuity Product Award
  • Outstanding Marketing Strategies Award
  • Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) (9th time)
  • Insurance Companies (critical illness protection/medical)
  • Insurance Critical Protection
5 award-winning MPF funds:
  • Manulife MPF European Equity Fund
  • Manulife MPF International Equity Fund
  • Manulife MPF North American Equity Fund
  • Manulife MPF Fidelity Growth Fund
  • Manulife MPF Healthcare Fund
  • Excellence Award of Critical Illness Insurance Products
  • Excellence Award of Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme
  • Excellence Award of Deferred Annuity Products
  • Excellence Award of Investment-linked Assurance Products
2020 Scheme Rating and Awards
  • MPF People’s Choice Award
  • Gold Rating
  • Rising Star
  • Award of Excellence in Pension and MPF Management
  • No. 1 Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme
  • No. 1 Critical Illness Protection
  • No. 1 Savings Insurance
  • No. 1 MPF Service
  • No. 1 QDAP
  • No. 1 Investment-Linked Product
  • Insurance Company of the Year – MPF Provider, Hong Kong
  • Employee Benefits, Hong Kong
Community and Training
  • 15 Years Plus Caring Company Logo
  • Wastewi$e label from the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence
  • ERB Manpower Developer Award
2020 Scheme Rating and Awards
  • Socially Responsible